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horse graphix!

-the- nicole
4 July
External Services:
  • horse_graphix@livejournal.com
  • impetuousx0

this is _impetuous_'s horse graphics journal.

please read the rules before entering!
[x]comment if taking anything.
[x]credit horse_graphix or _impetuous_.
[x]please do not direct link! save the graphics as your own. when you direct link it causes my bandwith to disappear. no bandwith means no graphics!
[x]do not customize my graphics(that would be taking a graphic i made and adding something to it). make your own.
[x]enjoy! =)

i also take requests 24/7. so if you want anything just comment on any entry i have posted. =)

thank you for stopping! if you want you can add my personal journal to your friends list! (_impetuous_). i will be sure to add you back. you may also add this journal to watch for updates. =)

if you didn't find anything you wanted here you may want to check out _horse_icons.

credit goes to blimey_icons for the lovely textures!